Designer Mask

Designer Mask offers a range of comfortable cloth face masks and buffs, made from nylon/poly spandex fabric.

Product Features

✔ Nylon/Poly (82%) Spandex/Lycra (18%) Fabric
✔ Breathable
✔ Super Stretch for Comfortable Fit
✔ Washable & Reusable
✔ Quick Dry
✔ Pocket Insert
✔ Available in a Variety of Colours and Prints


Minimum order quantity: 10 Units.
Discounts apply on 30 units plus.
Courier costs dependent on size of order and delivery area.

These face masks and buffs will not prevent you from contracting COVID-19, but will stop you from coughing & sneezing onto others and will also assist as a reminder to not touch your face or nose. The fabric is not guaranteed to be filtered or surgical. These masks are for the use of the general South African public, they do not constitute medical PPE.

These masks are part of a broader solution to curb the spread of COVID-19 and must always be used in combination with other hygienic methods of prevention (hand washing, not touching ones face and social distancing). Please carefully read the information provided regarding our products and use your discretion when choosing to purchase.